I got my hands on the Case-Mate Folio Wristlet back in September, right before I left for France. I’ve never been one to like phone wallets or wristlets because of concerns that they’re too bulky and you sometimes lose the functionality of taking pictures. That being said, I’m a disorganized traveler (and person, honestly) so I decided to pick one up and see if I’d been wrong about my usability assumptions the whole time. I’m a sucker for rose gold anything, so that certainly helped my decision.

I kind of forgot about it the first few nights in Paris, but eventually grew frustrated with my backpack and forced myself to downsize to a little leather crossbody I found on a shopping excursion in Saint-Michele. Not only did it fit perfectly in the bag, but it eliminated my need for a wallet and cleared up space in the interior pouch where I normally would keep my ID and credit cards, thus giving me room to cram as many tubes of chapstick and lipstick into said bag – you know, just in case.

The Folio Wristlet has this lovely adjustable strap so you can wear it or attach it to the outside of your bag which I’d only recommend if you feel confident someone’s not going to snag it. The only downside I found was that it can only hold your phone and three to four cards max. It’ll shut, but it won’t stay shut because the magnet isn’t powerful enough. I’d imagine this is intentional since magnets and technology don’t mix that well, but a snap could have easily solved the problem.

All-in-all, I’m really happy with the Casemate Folio Wristlet. I can’t say it’ll ever replace my purse (remember all that lipstick I carry around?) but it’s perfect if you’re running errands or need to downsize for a day.