Can’t Live Without: Dr. Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel

Having been plagued by dry skin for years and because I was developing tennis elbow from vigorous scrubbing, I finally admitted that I needed a little exfoliation help. This was my first foray into the world of chemical exfoliation, so I proceeded with caution – that episode of Sex and the City where Samantha gets a chemical peel and proceeds to frighten half of New York with the results was something that kept popping up in my mind. My son is only 9. If I’m going to do something that makes him recoil at the sight of me, I want it to be something I’ve really put some effort into.

Not ready for the big guns but in desperate need of something other than the various scrubby things out there, I tried out a few products before discovering Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare’s Alpha Beta Universal Daily Peel. Once you move past the fact that you’re applying a product to your face that has the word “gross” in it, your world will get a whole lot smoother. (Ha! So clever!)

One thing I love about this product is that each treatment comes individually wrapped. I travel a fair amount, and I’m infinitely grateful for any product that makes itself portable. Gone for a week? Grab seven and leave the rest behind. The less you have to pack, the more room you have in your suitcase to bring home wine.

Second thing I love is that it’s very simple and quick to use. Open the left side of the packet (#1 – Exfoliate & Smooth) and rub the towelette in a circular motion all over your clean face and neck. Wait two minutes, and then repeat with the right side (#2 – Anti-Aging Neutralizer). Finish with your favorite moisturizer. I like belif The true cream – aqua bomb.

Last but not least, it totally works. I could feel a difference after the first use. My skin was smoother, it felt like it absorbed my moisturizer better, and my makeup went on better. After about a week or two of regular use, my skin was brighter and, because my moisturizer was working like it was meant to, my fine lines were less visible.My recommendations:

Use this at night before using an intensive night cream, or use it in the morning with a light moisturizer before applying makeup. I suggest doing it at night, since it’ll give your skin time to relax.

Where to find it:

Dr. Dennis Gross website for $88

Amazon for $84

Sephora for $88


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